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Texture in the kitchen

Consider a luxury meal and you will see the layers of texture. The taste must be superb but the moment you see that plate of food is the moment the experience of that meal begins and the textures, before even experienced, visually should be evoking emotion and awakening your senses.

We therefore consider texture and take texture seriously in our kitchens. We consider not just trends but actually how to make use of the most natural of materials in ways that stir the senses and draw the emotions. We consider not just a metal, for example, in its natural form but how we can develop it further and even combine it with other materials to layer the design and bring about the drama desired. The less is more approach is still held dear to us where its not about a lot of materials but rather the right ones for the space.

The final consideration is the touch element. We believe you need to experience our kitchens not just with your eyes but also your touch. You need to be able to sensually experience the drama and story of the individual textures allowing your journey through the kitchen to be a culmination of moments that bring definition to the luxury desired.


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