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Kitchen Architecture

Kitchen architecture is a concept that we believe is at the core of a blu_line kitchen. It speaks to the architectural reality that governs our design approach. We therefore consider every element of the kitchen space considering the functionality, the way the kitchen makes a statement in the space and the dynamics. The kitchen must be designed in a way that can adapt and evolve with the demands made on it and we achieve this through the use of design elements and technology that drives our programmes. With this, we consider the luxury details as every detail is critical as kitchen architecture is about an experience.

The experience therefore drives the design process where form follows function, but these two realities are held in tension ensuring the experience of every user is enhanced.

Finally, the use of touch materials is critical to achieving that architectural statement. We focus on materials and finishes that evoke emotions through touch and sight. The use of natural timbers, glass, concrete, stone and various metals with varying degrees of texture and design all form part of the blu_line ethos.

This is kitchen architecture.


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