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curated luxury

blu_line was started by two brothers over two decades ago, with a resolute focus on building an international luxury kitchen brand. today, from our showroom campus in Johannesburg, we are privileged to service the South African market as well as export our kitchens all over Africa. 

we have evolved with the idea of curating every space, ensuring architectural proportions are achieved driving form and function. we are never standing still as a brand, always discovering, exploring, risking to ensure we are offering the ultimate experience for every one of our niche clients.

touch. texture. this runs through the blu_line brand affecting every design. we believe in touch materials to ensure every space created is human! clean lines are important, and technology is critical, but texture takes it from a product to an experience.

materials have always been a part of our journey and will continue to be, as we risk more, we discover more to serve our clients. from the first timbers we explored to our current finishes we have always ensured that our finishes are themselves an experience. the true essence of a brand is not just the product it offers but the way it inspires. 

blu_line was created and exists for this purpose; to inspire through experience.

BW10825 copy.jpg

design is an art form. it is personal and requires time. this has been our pursuit for the last two decades. considering every detail, every form, every texture of the kitchen. we have pushed the boundaries to discover more, risked more, and created more with these collections and especially the launch of blu_line x being the culmination of the last two decades of innovation.


blu_line x has been an evolving concept that is now being made available to the most discerning of clients allowing the utmost personalisation and customisation of every element of the kitchen. our brand will never stop pursuing innovation on behalf of our clients.

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