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our story is people

we have spent years painstakingly ensuring that every detail and concept is as original as nature itself. the true essence of this brand is, however, people. blu_line started with only two young brothers and an idea but over the past nearly two decades, in various ways, has touched thousands of people. this brand is dynamic, ever changing and continuously evolving.

this brand, this story, our story is people. 


the blu_line brand journey started with two brothers coming to the decision that they wanted to do something different. the discussion on that day was about whether they would offer the latest products to all their clients as a blu_line standard. this was something no one else was doing locally and would position the brand differently. the course was set, and they strived from that day forward to offer only the ultimate in design style, a superior product offering and, ultimately, creating a completely unique experience.

this has been, and continues to be, the very foundation of the brand - a concept derived from that discussion by two brothers nearly two decades ago.


starting out in a little flatlet to our own small showroom to two flagship showrooms in joburg and cape town with our own manufacturing facility. we were so young and, because no one told us what we couldn’t do, we did it anyway. this has been an adventure for us of massive proportions. many tears, much sweat and so many lessons learnt the hard way. what has stuck with us and the people who have journeyed with us, is that, as a company, as people, we really care. we have cared about the product, the details, the experience of every client. and that is our continued pursuit today.

to every single person who has supported us, pushed us, invested in us, challenged us. to every client who told us the brutal truth so that we could become better. to every team member who worked tirelessly with us. thank you!

as long as there is more to discover, we will keep pushing

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our vision though is not just brand exposure but far more, far richer. Its unrivalled opportunities for our people.we have been privileged to see people grow and develop taking on roles and responsibilities in the business that no one thought was possible. this is the dream, people doing what no one thought was possible.